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Yeah, It did not happen as seen in the movies nor did it happen the way I could ever dream off. I never had any definition of love, but i did believe there is someone out there who would define it for me one day , "Yes” her name is - Agam Kaur - "My meaning to love". I consider her "God's Blessing" to me as I believe our love story began only when I started following Guru’s Hukum and his teachings. I did not know that while i was praying , Waheguruji was writing my love story until it all happened and she said she knows me since ages :)

When Agam and I had a talk about marriage we knew without a shadow of doubt that we were going to get married, we did spent some time discussing our lives together! however we knew that its going to be exactly the same way as god had written it for us so we just decided to live it as per his Hukum !! 

She accepted me with all my failures… And nonetheless she always made me feel how much absolute i am for her, I realised that everything that makes my life worth living for is only with her as if we saw perfection in imperfection itself and this imperfection would mean that there are always new things to discover in our relationship whether it is 2 minutes old or 20+ years in making ... it will always make us stay together to see what happens next . That’s how we decided and want to spend rest of our lives together to continue to learn and love each other.

Finding someone you love and who loves you back is wonderful, a wonderful feeling for sure. But I must also say, finding a true Soul Mate is an even better feeling. She made me feel that being my soul mate she is the one who understands me like no other, loves me like no other, will be there for me forever, no matter what. People say that nothing lasts forever, but after meeting her I firmly believe that for some, love lives on forever even after we’re gone….